Adam and EVE III / Poem by Muhammad Azram

Poem by Muhammad Azram


Adam and EVE III

You asked about Adam and Eve
And what they did wrong?
By eating a forbidden fruit

O my Addressee!
They did nothing wrong
Neither wrong was to reason
Nor the eating a forbidden fruit

O my Addressee — you asked
About forbidden fruit and to reason
The forbidden fruit and to reason the choice
Whether to eat or not the forbidden fruit
Against commandments of Creator
Or, go with reason, with the cost of eternity
Against scattered pieces of mortality

O my Addressee! Adam and Eve
Right after their instigation
Tested for two greatest blessings
Integrated within human composition
Bestowed upon them by their Creator
Sacrilegious Reason and subliminal Faith

Where Reason was encrypted
To hold on living grips and solutions
And it exceeds to Faith’s accede
It takes life away from essence of life
Where turst and belief On Creator
Firmly holds unto human integration
As guiding verve to bound Reason,
And to review gratification of Reason,
When there is abundance of availability
And to judge violation of reason
Against Faith on Obedience to Creator
For the gift of life and boundless blessings

O my Addressee!
You know what went wrong?
On the top of decisive moment
Reason suffocated essence of Faith
violated its own domain
And chose insolence over submission
Like what Satan did on Adam’s creation

O my Addressee — It was disobedience
Nothing but disobedience of Creator
And defying submission before His directives
Made Adam, Eve and their Downlines
Go through Series of trials within limited Acumen
Entombed and smothered between Jaws of Mortality

All Rights reserved

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