Poet Miss Irannii Saikia
Teacher is her profession and poetry is her passion. Living with simple life above ground as a poet, through poetry she like to bring about a change existing circumstances of truth and peace.
So her pen bows down about nature, love and loneliness of elders or youngers, mysterious earth and about humanitarians indeed.
Her poems were published in ” Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016 ~ International Multilingual Poetry Anthologily “and ” Women Wit & Wisdom -International Multilingual Poetry Anthology of Women Poets 2017 ” and in various magazines through Assamese and English language.
My soul can dance
in a gloomy night.
Through kneen eye
may set in the darkness sky.
Render into whole
verses of the world,
Being for human beings
by heart to heart,
To jump at an offer
of an Author by art and craft.
My soul needed to dance
as a poetess of poetry
and poetry have renuvenate
by long odds.
To inquest a purity
in each second or minute
through the rule of road.
Though, a seal of love
that crafted by paint,
So, heart being bliss
and try to make the pot boil.
Those sparkling stars
that my soul need to touch.
By pillar of hopes
Lovers rise
between golden age
and rising generation
as well as perfect.

2 thoughts on “SOUL RISES AS A PERFECT / Irannii Saikia

  1. My Hearty Congratulations to You Dear Irannii Saikia, I enjoy your verses.
    “My soul needed to dance
    as a poetess” Wonderful.”
    All the Best.

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