JUST I WANT / Poem by Pranju Gogoi

Poem by Pranju Gogoi
In thy world I see the blue sky,
Stars in thy eyes twinkling,
In thy heart I feel the sea,
Waves of sea dancing.
I feel thine touches warm and lovely
In my heart,to the core of my heart,
So lovely and lonely,
Green feelings growing,
Pink feelings waking.
Blue sky,blue sea,green nature…
Everything charming and precious,
Reality coming out,
Artificiality vanishing,
Everywhere singing of melodious song,
Birds in trees,
Butterflies in air,
Children swimming in river,
Fishes in water…..
Perfume of Nature queen everywhere and everywhere,
As far as eyes could see anywhere.
Nothing comes out from my mind,
Superb thy beauty,
Speechless am now,
Just to feel resting in thy lap warm and soft,
Just coming out from the valueless barriers of our society,
No question in thy world…
Whether poor or rich..
All are equal,
All are same.
Oh,mother Nature queen,
Nothing I want,
Just peace,only heavenly happiness I want.
I want to take rest in thy sky,
Into thy sea I want to delve deep,
Just to feel the depth of the story of Adam and Eve, so attractive and immense,
To the deepest core of my soul.
All rights reserved

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