DECEMBER CHILL / Poem by Bam Dev Sharma

Poem by Bam Dev Sharma



In the chilly December
The camouflaged bushes
Look numb and emaciated
And eavesdropping birds trifle
Hiding their countenances
Under the apron of mist
To the musing of trees
And poised lizards
Perched on the branches
Thrust their beaks.

Moths dart in fiasco
Frogs in subtle hum
Caravan songs glide slowly
Pricking the slumberous sky.

Meandering hilly roads
Expose their wounds
In scarring pebbles
Covered with misty blankets
In sigh and moan
As if
They were having labor pain
And the starlit night
Is juxtaposed
With the wispy tower of blue hills
Grinding westerly breeze.

In the wheat field there
Grasshoppers and locusts hide
Under a big pod
Lost into grey wrap
Under the ice flakes
Expecting a balmy dawn !


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