In the heart of Jesus / Poem by Mohd Shafi

Poem by Mohd Shafi

In the heart of Jesus

In the heart of Jesus Christ,
I’ll speak with his rhythm,
Eli!Eli!Lama Sabach thani,
I am alive,
in breathing motion,
Peace on Jesus Christ
the day he was born,
the day he left earth,
the day he shall be raised up to life again,
He is an Apostle,
like others i.e, Adam,Moses,
Jesus,Jacob,Uzair or Mohammad.
Don’t become source of trouble for religion,
Jews in boast said,
we killed Christ Jesus Son of Mary,
the Apostle of God.
They killed him not,
Not even crucified him,
But it was made appear to them,
they are full of doubts,
with no certain knowledge,
but only conjunctures to follow,
for surety they killed him not.
It was only a mark of fading sight,
on the earth.
Nay, God raised him up to Himself.


Christ is the product of Gods power,
but he is neither God nor his son,
Come I will tell you,
Four factors of manifestation,
BE and
Our Lord is God,
He createth heavens,
and the earth in six days(periods)
He is established on the throne of Authority,
He created the Sun,the moon,the stars,
All governed by laws,
under His Command.
Are not both for him?
When He intends a thing,
He says for it BE,
and there it is.
The action of command is instantaneous
free from chains of causation,
The BE is called Word.
Miraculous birth under the action of BE,
Jesus is word,
Behold !Mary !God giveth thee glad tidings of word for him,
His name will be Christ ,
Jesus is the word
product of Be
in sphere of command.


Virgin Mary is she,
not even touched by God,
She is an example of Virginity,
She is endowed with command,
Command is gift in case of Mary.
Angel:-O Mary!God giveth glad tidings
of a word for him.
His name will be Christ Jesus
the son of Mary.
He shall speak to the people in infancy.
Mary: How shall I have a son , When no body has touched me.
Angel. God Createth what He willeth,
When He issued command,
He said to it BE,
and there it is.
The Pain of childbirth drove her to a date tree,
She cried,”Ah,would that I had died before this…”
Angel: “Grieve not !for thy Lord hath
provided a rivulet beneath thee.
Shake the stem of the date tree,
it will let fall fresh ripe dates upon thee.
Jesus is alive in his death.
He will come
he will come
he will come
to tell you truth!

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