Poems by Uzma Parveen

Poems by Uzma Parveen
I wonder
I wonder how people utter such words
not even think once
how much they hurt someone
They move inch to inch
and roll their eye balls against;
just to make someone feel
bizarre and weird
If being candid is a fault
I am at fault, I declare
no room for grudges in my heart
If speaking for the right is a crime
I am the criminal, I declare
never can I be subservient ever
Human beings torment other fellows
for this inhumanity often I cry
earth resounds with my sigh
wake, wake up folk
is your conscience somewhere locked
stop going up on a never ending stair.
Hidden wishes
Hidden wishes kill me
Ail me inside deep
cause my virgin bossom unswelled
Sword like body
bent like willow
when I dance
can express my stance
I find no other way
To vent my desire
I choose dancing
Every step unveils
the pangs I secret.
I want freedom
I want freedom for a long time
the freedom not for only mine
I want my country free of crime
I want my country free of lies
Truth and justice being priority
no differences in gender, class and ethnicity
a country free of war
where progress meets no bar
Where difference between prosperity and poverty
does not come in the way of solidarity
where rivers flow of peace and harmony
where none is deprived of opportunity
I want my country free of rape
where no innocent gets punished
where no criminal can escape
I want government to take strict step
Where education is for all
where for money no one fall
where pens are guns and swords
where men win by words.

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