MESSAGES OF LOVE- Ljubinko Jelić / Translation: Bojan Belić

Poem by Ljubinko Jelić
Old sage and anchorite Isaac Siron said:
“Find in your heart the ladders of love and
you will climb to heaven. “
From a purple cloud, one morning,
after long anticipation, you dawned in my
marveling hug and whispered: „Every
moment is a breath entirely enlightened
from within by god-incarnated flame, our
only legacy of love and absolute possession
in thankful hands.
From a purple cloud, one spring
morning, alike to a rain of light, you
poured on my already-thirsty garden, and
infused spiritual immensity with joyful
From a purple cloud, one phantas –
magoric morning, you breathed through in
me, and asked the mesmerizing air
a life–giving riddle. One morning you
became my tiny day.
My only love,
In this confession hour, I have no one
to tell, but you, about mountains of fragile
restlessness that pierced deep to the bottom
of my lonesome sanctuary, and about a
snowstorm, as real as it is unreal, night and
day, ever more unsparingly pouring on my
front door and skyward windows, and
a ruinous wind that flounces and plunders,
from the youthful frames, pictures
of promised future, up to the immense
opaque clouds. That nightmarish blizzard,
in shapeless ripples, belated remorse, on
sinful lips cancels and renounces bastions
My love,
All the things I’d wish, what can I
ignite in myself other than silence, out of
incapacity to tell you how much I love you
and why I climb up the hill, tall and
shaded, what priceless can I bring to the
top and place it before our shades into
dishes shaped to fit a wistful look and
My love,
You are my window, open towards
days sunny amid unsparing winter, and my
flower that holds the daybreak of salvation
when there is no other beam nor amazeful
light in me, already advanced down the
field of uncertain. You are my window and
irreplaceable horizon where I go slowly,
with eyes closed.
My love,
Under dashes of cruel winter I whisper
a prayer to keep you, in spite of ever
stronger waves of an invisible sea and
heralds from lands beyond dream. Lord, on
your wide palm my love is impregnated.
My love,
Lord, forgive us senseless for no
longer committing ourselves to each other,
believing that Your words, clear and utterly
strange, planted forever a seed of love in
our breaths and arms ready to stay
embraced even after awakening.
My love,
My life, full of invisible longing, has
the shape of your ardent body which keeps
that cherished secret for the moments of
your absence in the liberating night before
dawn, above the blooming heaven, in which
we braided the threads of mystical flame.
We are two butterflies fluttering
passionately, too close to the dire candle
which burns oracular somnolence
in solitude of love.
Love and kisses
My love,
Where do our lives dwell? Sometimes
I feel I live in the past, but constantly pondering
about the cruel present that
demands our devotion. And what is
the picture of our future like? What is it
filled with – fear or hope? What do we want
and dream about? If we live in fear, we will
not find freedom and love. And without
that, our lives are meaningless. Thank God
for He poured out his spirit on us and
taught us to love ourselves and others.
Since always and forever,
In forbidden truth,
Yours only.
My beaming love,
Am I leaving only for a moment or for
good? Many questions unanswered chase
force us to stray, without hope in dark
tempest. Before dawn we gather our sighs
and our dreams scattered above the bleak
abyss. In talk without hope, tempest the
marauder, touched our happiness which
dreams of light in our souls.
I kiss you and I love you infinitely.
I wait for your embrace at the edge
of loneliness.
My longing,
You have always been my longing, my
secret desire, here in time. You were always
the one who makes me joyful. Without you, I
was just a shade. There was no one to keep
me safe. You don’t know that I live to kiss
you and take care of you as long as you
breathe. You don’t know I keep your every
breath with which I write. I love from afar
and with memories I devastate someone
else’s home. And I’ve been waiting
for someone with your name. And no one
knows how long it lasted in this time, without
us, without you.
I love you.
Translation: Bojan Belić

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