Poems by Dr. Shivputra Kanade

Poems by Dr. Shivputra Kanade
Tomorrow never dies
Let me love you today
Let me love and live
Because Tomorrow is far away.
Tomorrow never dies
As the daylight fades
Dark night calls upon
Dreams on our eyes are laid
Tomorrow never dies
As we travel in a time machine
Down memory lanes
All moments and places through which we have been.
Tomorrow never dies
How much we can try
Cannot get hold of the time
Where only our fantasy can fly.
On the banks of the Hooghly river,
Behold the Howrah Bridge
What a spectacular grandeur
As I stand and wonder
So many memories attached to this giant structure
Here I first met the love of my life
It was a grand day too
When she came to my life out of all blue.
The Howrah Bridge stpod firm and strong
The day when I kissed her here
Amidst the crowd on a cold evening in the winters
The only spectators were the far away shining stars.
It was here when we broke apart
She bid me goodbye
For she got a better life to start.
So no matter she bruised my heart.
Today as I stand here in this Howrah Bridge
Alone and calm in life
And how I wish to embrace death now
As i bend the railings and to the river below I bow.
Howarh bridge stands in the same place
Witnessing all in this life’s race
Death, love or birth doesn’t affect it all
With pride and grandeur it stands strong and tall.
Whatever you did
Good or bad
Whatever you gave me
Happy times or sad
Whatever you made me
Poised or mad
I’m thankful to you.
Whenever I remember you
I cry in pain
Whenever I’m sad
Tears flow in vain
Whenever I miss you
I try never to think of you again
In spite of all these I am thankful to you.
However you left me
And broke me apart
Howevvrr your gifted bruises
Scarred my heart
However you deserted me
And never could I restart
Still I’m Thankful to you.
Despite all these
I’m thankful.

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