Poems by Uzma Parveen

Poems by Uzma Parveen



When I feel alone and lonely
When I find no one around me
When my heart is overburdened with jolt
To show the world
That I am strong
I usually wear a mask
To hide my fear and griefs
To bring pseudo smile on lips
How empty I feel inside
I try to hide behind a lie
Every time I do feel
That I miss a part of mine
Behind every smile
There are tears
Behind every strength
There are fears
Every night I spend in frights
No one hears my cries
Caring always for other’s joy
I found myself not more than a toy.


The peaceful Dawn

Destiny did not approve their meeting
every night she was sitting
every second stung her
all she had to suffer;
her appetite for peace at one dawn
increased to the height;
she recalled the line
‘ Nature never did betray
the heart that loved her’
in the hope of being fine
she befriended with nature;
nature smiled on her
the soft sun rays
melted the rocks of jolt
the brisk wind broke into the
cache of past memories
and took away along
nature freed her from worries, infliction and pain
the freedom gave her
a rush of adrenaline
breathing in the air of peace
she did leap and
the earth resounded with
cheer! cheer! cheer!..


I will not quit

No, no no I will not quit
I will not tire, I will not rest
Constantly I will endeavor and try
I will believe in my toil
I can’t catch my bright past
I don’t know my future part
But my every effort in the present
Will turn my sweat into the scent
life may be dark, opportunities unutilized
But a failure is that who feels defeated within
The flowers of my will will not fade
My constant exertion will not die
It will surely light my day
like the burning sun of may.



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