VIGNETTE / Poem by Muhammad Azram

Poem by Muhammad Azram
For Amity of bequest
Endeavored to bequeath you
Abet me out to express you
With latent and panache
Something that never expressed
On emotions, or in imaginations
Aspired to express you
With splendors of words
But found them too modest
To convey; a me to a you
Found them all Borrowed;
From bushed downlines
Of felts and expresseds
And I do not covet to tag you
With something; that is
Tainted and besieged
Of felts and expressed
Then I aimed to paint you
With brush and colors
but couldnt stroke
The feelings dwelling across
From a mere ‘me’ to an unrivaled ‘you’
Brush failed to kiss the color
That never put on canvas of love
Failed to color the correlation
Rambles between me and you
Relation between me and you
Can only be felt with intimacy
Not by the material of canvas
Lastly I Reached for Light
To brighten you on the canvas
Onf my imaginations and creations
On the back of life and light
I beseeched with helplessness
To exalt me color to reflect you
Color that never reflected prism
But life’s line dismayed me
I have showered all colors on life
Maintain on jelling with eachother
To create and renovate new life
With emotions and imaginations
Trying all presage of idioms
Wrapping you up beyond cause
You pinnacle is above heavens
Embedded beneath the depths
No word, no line, no color
Has the power to express
You live above and beyond
All the expressed and shared
Emotions, devotions and imagination.

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