Poems by Uzma Parveen

Poems by Uzma Parveen
The Winter
The blue ocean runs through her veins
her crimson heart is overlapped with mists
In her garden there is only autumn
There used to be spring
birds were singing
flowers were smiling
But it was all before more than a decade
she still remember the time and date
when the two souls embraced
She was lost in the depth of love
only the trees of tune in their grove
and the moon smiled from above
Things looked more brighter
worse good and good better
She was not a quitter
But after the journey of a decade
by dint of color and creed
the two souls had to separate
Why they always rail against lover?
and crush the rose and devour?
and turn to stone if persuasions differ?
her rose is alive but inside dead dreams
the dark cold nights scream
and over her garden only autumn reigns.
I am vulnerable
yes I feel vulnerable
and weak
and I die every second sans you
dream beaded into strings of love
I weave day and night.
I feel vulnerable
when you look into my eyes
when you come closer
when you whisper into my ears
when you hug me tight
I feel vulnerable
my feet tremble
when you strip my clothes
when you explore my body
when you hold my waist
yes I am vulnerable before you
you rule over my heart and mind
with you I am gratified
I want to be yours
and you to be mine.
I think above your ill mind
I think above your ill mind
You can’t know who am I
Until the ocean gets dry
You can’t come in my way
Since I drive my life away
You can’t be the hurdle
You can’t stop me to struggle
I think above your ill mind
Sky is the limit to fly
No failure can stop me to try
A river full of zeal and spark
runs inside through every part
Every single heartbeat knocks the door of success
And it will not concede without getting access
I think above your ill mind.

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