Poems by Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Poems by Vatsala Radhakeesoon
Cats’ Contest
In the cats’ contest,
All participants go through tests;
You’ll see a long queue,
and hear lots of Miaoo-miaoo.
Here comes the First Round-
Peculiar Qualities Round.
Winners of many battles,
Prince Alexo and Prince Optimo wrestle;
Mama Apricot and Grey Dot
prepare warm leafy baby Cots;
Wise Aunt Oon and Moon
joyfully dance under sunny noon.
Then comes the Second Round-
Common Games Round.
There’s a mouse called Fleet,
The aim is to be the first to catch it;
There’s a wooden desk called Mo-Mo,
The aim is to jump on it at one- go;
There’s a small playground called Vitesse,
The aim is to be Runner-Fastest.
After the second round,
Tests and games come to an end.
Each cat is given some marks,
some thoughtful jury’s remarks;
All cats get a Participation certificate,
For the great announcement, they eagerly wait.
The mysterious envelope is in the Jury’s hands,
In each cat’s eyes shines suspense;
So, today’s Winner is…
Elegant Mama Apricot
who always smiles
with her catty beauty spot.
Hide and Seek
On the mango tree,
Behind the lychee tree,
All- carefree in Nature free,
Friends, friends can you see me?
Like Inspector Gadget’s eyes,
Search, search for me for a while;
Friends, friends where am I ?

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