WE START THIS YEAR OF LOVE / Poem by Roula Pollard

Poem by Roula Pollard



Open like the sky does
on the day of Baptism
love is a miracle from heaven
a daily miracle of light and celebration
fully star lit sky with the scent of morning
honeysuckle by the window of the soul and nature
moon lit sky during its full course around the body
of the earth, sun lit sky on the beach of life’s calmness
and on the pavements, the crossroads of life variations
full love dilute all adversity, sadness, even the dark eras
of unforeseen neglected areas of the heart, love dresses them

With light. Yes, love is a star we hold on our palms
directed to the sun of daily human revelation
when the spirit of heart hugs sincerely
the world, heals people, and nature
and the light of Peace sits next to
you under the dome, on Earth
Peace on all world pavements
sits on friendship benches
when all weapons
are silenced
fully and

When I say brother, sister,
my son, my friend
I love you as I love myself,
the Earth we cultivate
with love, life is a miracle
full of Love

© Roula Pollard
All rights reserved


Vincent Van Gogh-Almond Tree
Claude Monet- Irisses
Google photos/artwork

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