Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



To take the life of others
Is this justice ?
Wise kill through pen
sitting on high thrown Why?

Not given chance the victim
Improving their character
Should capital punishment
not be abolished ?
Once a great said
“An eye for an eye
will make the whole
world blind ”

Are they not have right
To live freely with thoughts?
Is it not injustice ?
Let’s ask to our souls
What is our role

Murderers snatch innocent life
Judge also do it totally confusion
What is right or wrong
Is not it violence ?

Can capital punishment be
A justice to stop crime ?
Not to be bearable !

Should not we give chance
To live their life freely
Improving character
Save the life to fly in the sky

INDIA 09-01-2018



Let us all people come
on this open roof

Sing songs of humanity and progress without anyone harm

Welcome new for their bright
They may get and touch sky

Let me sing
let them sing songs
of love and peace

Let us make our morning
Full of happiness not forget
For whole life

Let them cheat
Let us not forget our
Good deeds

Let the birds free for twittering
Let us see the golden rays
Rays of happiness

Let us welcome
our good fortune
Of our citizens

INDIA 06-1-2018



Let us celebrate new year
With heart and soul
Let us promise to complete
Our goal Goal of mankind

Let me laugh and dance
With those who do not have
Their own to celebrate

Let us come and give
happiness to all
Let us take an oath for peace

Let us console them
Who have lost everything
Let pray to God for humanity
Let me love them for their

O!my creator you are so kind
Let me fulfill my dreams
Dreams of happiness in this
New year 2018

Let us go ahead hand in hand
Let us thank them for their kindness
Who has shown their love for us
Let us move ahead for a new vision

Let us promise them for their bright
Future for golden rays of hopes
Let me step forward for love and bliss

INDIA 01-01-2018


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