Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
Redemption unleashes all distinctions to absolve.
Enlightened soul b
races up to walk on milky path of white,
divinity of joy blooms to beacon convergence!
Light of empathy entices to touch whites of full moon.
sky is far beyond to sail through
clouds of vision engulfs to stay beyond
Proclivity is essence of quest to permeate
light of eyes verges to merge upon reflection
Undaunted sheet of soul enshrines glory of heaven
In between today and tomorrow time trolls to tatter flux of dream
within and beyond hope summersaults to dive into uncertainty
to be or not to be , frays to exist
like circumspection defers to redesign onto another time
Percussion permeates to promise epossibilities to prorogue
intimacy slowly befuddles by quotient of time and space
yet into eternity quest of soul suffers catharsis.
abounding joy sparks within.
being beloved to love.
..yet I love the way shadow sucks light from.mirror
Elation shies away in veil of reflection being enlightened
like dark road by the street lamp
ramping to rave.
intimacy rejoices
like petal curves to crave by airiness
by same quantum to leap up
as night by new born dawn
on lap of sun to cradle
Void is no void by distinction
when millions of stars beacon
to draw gracious lines of force
to resolve symmetry of love.
@dr.subhendu kar.

2 thoughts on “Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

  1. Hi, just read the poems by Dr Subendhu and he uses the language in such a way that it stretches my mind way beyond what my imagination has been limited to previously. Thanks for sharing these poems.

  2. Dear Subhendu Kar, I congratulate you about your poems… Not easy to understand with my poor English but I think this is the real “Poem”… when it is not easy to understand… with my regards from Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

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