Poems by Sudha Dixit

Poems by Sudha Dixit


Burning Bridges

You hurt me,
You betray,
Only in memory
You stay,
Oh, free me
From this bondage
And go away
I don’t want
To glance back
At the past,
I want to
Look forward
To another day
Where my dreams
And my future lay
I’ll follow
My fantasy
My heart’s sway
Whatever happens
In my life
Will, now, be
By my say
And my way
No more
Can you
Hurt me
And betray
Only in
Forgotten memory
You’d stay.


The Idol

The idol I had put
On pedestal
Is broken
To smithereens ,
Euphoria disappeared
The halo is not
Anywhere to be seen,
I tried to glean,
The pieces
Of what my cherished
Icon had been
And see my fingers
Are covered in
Blood unclean
My heart is
Injured in – between
The shards are
Reaching my eyes
Tearing away
The watery screen
It was betrayal
I ween.


Me To You

You may have
Left me
I, still ,create rainbows to
Tease you
Life might be at a
I have
Dream’s trail to
Speed through
I may be
Blind in love
I use braille to
Read you



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