A Poem Collaboration by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo and Jonathan Aquino- “Be the Guiding Light”

A Poem Collaboration by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo and Jonathan Aquino- “Be the Guiding Light”


You and I – we are One, all coming from One Great Source
It was never an accident nor a coincidence that you were born on Earth
You were created for a Definite Purpose, with a mission to help change the world
In a world enveloped by greed for power and hatred,
Be the Light to help illuminate the paths of others even when you’re going through your own darkness.


We came to this world knowing we’ll find our way back/
with our Source showing the way and lighting our path;/
It is a cosmic cycle that moves in mysterious ways,/
we are here to create a life of joy and purpose and peace,/
and before our journeys cease, to help make this a better place/


Different journeys, same direction leading us all to where the Universe originated,
Pilgrims travelling in a swirling wave of vibrations- Love, Light, Peace, and Harmony from within
Souls with a Definite Divine Purpose, embrace your fragility and shine your way for others to see
Be the guiding Light, spreading positive sparkles with every beat of your heart
A Torch Bearer leading troubled souls out of their darkness, leaving traces of Peace behind…


To the realm of the senses we plunged joyfully,/
exuberantly, an adventure of discovery,/
we sometimes find ourselves in crossroads along the journey,/
and there are moments too, we get lost and get led astray,/
yet our Source is always whispering, “Come, this is the way…”


This, a soul’s pilgrimage, is a journey of the heart;/
inside a shell, unseen, behind a mask in constant change,/
there he lives, and breathes, and feels joy, solitude, pain;/
his heart takes him above the clouds and down the valleys,
and yet he came for this: to feel the sun and to dance in the rain


Every creation in the Universe was born out of an Eternal and Infinite Love from above,
And with each journey you make, you can come across with a Phantom who needs to be embraced for his flaws and all
Or a lost soul longing to find authentic happiness amidst a world of chaos
We are all swirling in this vast Circle of Life, we of different colors and races but are just One,
Longing for the day when all of these will make sense- when all else will fall in its proper place.


Be the guiding Light leaving an illumination of Abundance and Love everywhere you roam
In an ailing world such as ours, your every word can help heal and make unity among nations possible
You are a special creation- with a Divine Purpose to fulfill during your lifetime
Leave a lasting legacy for the coming generations to embrace
Let your Inner Child wander, let your Spirit lift up those still in darkness.


He explores his new world, seeing wonder everywhere,
he seeks for all the answers, and he finds his own truth;
he learns that his body is of nature,
and he is at one with the sea, the sky and the earth,
yet his inner being is of immeasurable worth

Then a day will come, a day that seems like any other,
when his souls shines through, and he will feel the knowing,
that he is not alone, and that he has never been alone;
he finds love for his fellowmen, as clear as the sun,
he sees the love of his Source, as sure as day follows night,
and that inside him is a flame, for his true nature is light.


Be the guiding Light in an ailing world which needs healing
Fill the Universe with positive frequency of illuminating love and peace,
To be in harmony with everyone and with all creations
Be the Torch Bearer, lead one and all to the right path
Be the Warrior of Light and inspire many to find their way.

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo/Jonathan Aquino


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