Though You Have To Fight (This verse was written in 1990th) – Kairat Duissenov Parman / Translated of author, corrected by Muhammad Shanazar

Poems by Kairat Duissenov Parman


Though You Have To Fight

(This verse was written in 1990th)

You have demanded me something once again,
I too demand the same, too much.
Tell me please, what’s going on?
Who is mastermind of this case?
You aspire to be rich, it is not strange,
All of us have some goals as you do.

I often ponder who rules this world
And who is behind all of this drama?
In a new society, in a new era for the new world
Who does not like to grow rich?
One has a lot to eat, but the other dies of starvation,
This is the way the world goes on,
The humanity trudge through the marshes.

The people are deceived
By being offered a chewing gum
Fake and false promises,
He who has riches becomes the legend
And has a right to rule though his mouth is crooked.

My poor nation, your support
And hope are completely unreliable,
You grow poorer day by day, before in my eyes,
Your share is divided among wolves and foxes
Which only belong to you.

O! My poor people, your state is alarming,
You yourself have become a nonentity,
And it is miserable that you are still content
With the miseries and you say thanks to God.
I am baffled and think
Who bestow you such an incredible patience.

I do not think of myself, but about the people,
I have an unflinching faith that those
Who are disdainful to us shall lose their happiness
There may be delay but not dark,
They will die miserable death of anguish.

The enemy deceives us,
Our independence can’t be changed into dependence,
We cannot prefer to live worse than before.
Rise! Raise up the flag of independence higher.

My poor people! What a great native land it is!
Full of wealth and treasure inside and out
The visitors surpass and humiliate you
They take the flour and leave behind bran for you.

What a generous people you are by nature!
The same treasure is given to you by God
For which your ancestors fought,
Shed their blood so that we could live better.

Tell me, my nation, is it your future light?
Yes, I know that you also wish for wealth
It is rightly said
When an angel sees gold even it loses its head,
This is the wealth that belongs only to you,
But I don’t know who will hold it in his own hands,
I know, you do not have enough either,
The treasure of my nation is not a swag,
But a natural right, save it though you have to fight.


Translated of author, corrected by Muhammad Shanazar, Pakistan


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