“ALL IS WELL” …Syndrome / Poem by Dr. Jernail Singh Anand

Poem by Dr. Jernail Singh Anand


“ALL IS WELL” …Syndrome

If you use your buffers
to eat drink and be merry
after all the affront to your sense
of an honourable living,

if you can kill your nerves
which want to revolt,
if you can move like normal
after feeding on shocks and severities,

It is not restraint, nor is it a sign of your maturity.
Least of ripeness.

It is sign of a death so pervasive
these days.
A white sheet harbours no stain.
But a dark one hardly bothers.

So many stains on our consciousness
And we move like normal?
We don’t utter a cry?
We don’t shout?

We have no power to sympathise
With Those who have lost
To this nasty weather
Of callousness and insensitive human behaviour

This apparent peace,
this silence,
This “all is well” syndrome
This voiceless movement
Scare me.

I am afraid of myself.
Am I already dead? Or dying fast?
Where am I alive?

Dr Jernail Singh Anand
All rights reseves@2018

( PS: The Literaria Biographia of this poem is…I saw in the Tribune the snap of a man who had killed so many people with a rod in Palwal Haryana. His action was propelled by a less than normal family life. The feeling that he could not live with his deficiencies …is at the heart of this poem. Thereafter its scope enlarges to other inadequacies of our lives at which we do not utter a cry…let alone turning violent at joys denied to us. …..)


One thought on ““ALL IS WELL” …Syndrome / Poem by Dr. Jernail Singh Anand

  1. It is a beautiful piece of creation, Sir! I keep reading your poems quite regular as they are meaningful and thought provoking. Beautiful spill of ink !

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