Poem by Kairat Duissenov Parman (Қайрат Дүйсен-Парман)

Poem by Kairat Duissenov Parman


In The Heavy Rain

We are again in the heavy rain
We are walking together but here alone
Say please, “You are my destiny?”
Is it possible to ride forever on the same boat?

When I look at your shining eyes
I can’t tear myself away, I stop for a long time
I forget myself and get engrossed
And go on burning in the flame of love

Our umbrella brings us closer
And the autumn rain pours heavily
God units us under one refuge
And the feeling of love caresses us both

You take me along like a log in the flood
Then rest me like a yahont in the blue sea
I yell from there at the top of my voice
“It is the happiest moment of my life”.


When I call out, you do not come close
You do not think
I have been suffering from loneliness since long.

Yes! It is true, you are an angel for me,
You have a delightful soul,
I perceive you always like this.

Usually you take care of the zamnoy so carefully
But you do not come near
You do not speak so easily, but I know,
“Patience is glistening gold”.

When you are not near, I talk to your silhouette
She understands me more than you do
You torture me with your answers and this spoils
My mood, but she feeds me with a divine food.You

Nobody Looks For Me

What is going on in the era?
The people are distracted,
Friends are changing into foes,
The life weeps and wails,
We live life
But by cutting off from others.

I pray to God that He may give us all wisdom,
I am very anxious, no one needs me,
No one looks for me,
Therefore, I show myself but rarely,
Neither do dress myself, nor do comb the hair,
And always keep on sitting
In some corner of a room,
Like an invisible ghost, no one looks for me
As my name is Poetry.


Kairat Duissenov Parman (Қайрат Дүйсен-Парман)


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