Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy

Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy


Has Human Nature Changed?

Kidnapping, raping, murdering, hacking to death out of wrath,
Throwing away the dead bodies in the dustbin and beheaded heads
Placing over the bonnet of car and burning whole family to death
Such acts of men surely reminds one of animal nature unlike men!

Death has become a common occurrence everyday everywhere in the world;
They are main news occupying pages of newspaper columns everyday;
Another funny news is revival of Nazism against coloured people and
Against Muslims and Mexicans in USA supporting Trump in block letters!

All activities of ordinary men and world leaders do not make any difference;
Fighting, bombing and lynching in public are usual news in the magazines
Coming in details to fill the pages to bring them out into saleable ones
Simply look to funny commercial art along with display of photos ever..!

Such awkward activities are videoed by onlookers instead of stopping
Such inhuman activities and make all wonder if human nature has changed!


Is the World A Football or Rugby-Ball?

Indirect religious priest rule through kings were over in the past;
Then, military dictator rules still seem to be there in some nations;
Also, dictators under the garb of democratic rule are also there now!

In obsolete religious nations, people are struggling for democracy;
In a few old political ideological States, democracy is on slow run;
Bureaucrats under the shade of democracy are perpetrating corruption!

World is in a state of boil due to these statuses of main nations now;
Due to the flaws in weak nations, terrorist gangs are deep rooting long;
Nuclear proliferation in the hands of hardcore leaders threatens peace!

Materialism, religious fanaticism and militarism are big burning barnacles;
Humanism, naturalism and divinity in the midst of all are solacing some;
Pollution, exploitation of natural resources sans conservation are grim…!

Is the world a football or rugby-ball tossed and kicked by heroes and big
Villains on the arena of gladiators of Roman time even today everywhere?


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