Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra

Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra



Each day is filled with dreams of you
Never know the dreams will come true

Insane heartbeat, in pain…

Memories of a winter romance in 1977

The sparkling lushness of winter rose
Overwhelmed with joy
A sparkle in your eyes
Your love a flame of candle

The power of love, that fills the heart
Insane whisper
Aching hearts
leave the brain in blank and in pain

Insane heartbeat shivers down the spine


Sea wind…

The salty sea wind sings
In the distance,
I touch your finger
I have taken in my hand

December is cold
Unknown chorus of sea waves
Unknown chorus of wild birds
Memories become stranger

Fugitive moon
Frozen moon
No longer to sing
Mad waves running
Desire you again and again,

Salty sea unwraps the story of a moonless night…



words pile up
stale flowers,that have turned to stone

mad desire on an old man’s face

mad whispers of falling fountain
untamed passion
owl’s laughter echoing in an empty room
the flowers lay crushed at her feet

passions were tears
dripped like warm blood
lost in your shadow……………..

at the distance,lilac in the loneliness
haunted moon lay wounded
swirling amidst the ruins of words……

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