Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
Convalescent Dreams
Limping on worn feet
Pausing near a hill stream
For a sip with dainty palms
Straightening osteoporotic backs with an excruciating twist
Craning their necks for a vision of thee
Convalescent dreams
Dreams on a rampage
On bare backed wild asses
Crashing headlong into white picket fences
Draped lovingly with soft satin mosses
Adrenaline junkies
High on serotonin
Convalescent dreams
Dreams subdued into terror
With Howitzers and drones
Dreams whizzing past on missiles and whimpering in mine blasts
Yelping like wounded puppies mutilated under lorries
Convalescent dreams
Dreams that shatter into smithereens at dawn
Piercing like shrapnel in pink baby flesh
Writhing on bloody floors with sub conscious amnesia
Selective like hawks that swoop on their prey
Convalescent dreams.
Copyright Lily Swarn 10.1.2018
Salutations to all soldiers all over the world who die for us on man made borders . Let me share one of the poems I wrote in a long series of Peace poems .
Happy Army Day !!
Weary warrior
(Peace poems)
Come home please
You weary warrior
The bell tolls for you
The bread is baking
In the ovens
The strawberries are ripe
Life is lush and luscious
You missed out the summer
When the wine was being mulled
And the cow bore a calf
You were not there my soldier
For the war never seems to end
I prayed for peace today
With my eyes towards the sky
I think I heard A rumble
It’s peace on its way !!
Come home O weary warrior
It’s peace once again!
(C) Lily Swarn 15.5.2016

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