Swapna Behera

Swapna Behera Swapna Behera is a bilingual contemporary poet ,author ,educationist,translator and editor from Odisha ,India. Her stories ,poems and articles are widely published in Newspapers, International journals ,magazines,Anthologies and ezines and translated in different languages. Besides, as a teacher … Continue reading

Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo   MISSING YOUR PRESENCE The night is in partial darkness Glittering stars offer some brightness Clouds blanket part of moonlight The world is still coloured with light Gazing from a distance The surrounding in complete silence … Continue reading

Verica Tadić, Serbia

Verica Tadić, Serbia   BIOGRAPHY OF VERICA TADIĆ   Verica Tadić was born on 08.12.1949 in Donji Dubac (Municipality of Guča, Western Serbia). She graduated from the Economics Faculty in Kragujevac. She has been publishing contemporary poetry, haiku poems, essays, … Continue reading