FLYING AT HALF MAST / Poem by Dr. Jernail S Aanand

Poem by Dr. Jernail S Aanand



Man is a great paradox;
He is the master of his destiny;
A proud product of the Creator
who has mastered the Universe.

Just mention, and he has the key
To every problem, one can envision;
Still, there are some avenues beyond his imagination.

He can catch the birds in flight
And divert the course of skylabs
He has the keen eye
To see what is like the surface of Mars.

But how helpless is this creature!
Can he see his face?
Can he see his back?
He is always at half-mast.

Only half the world is visible to him;
And half the music audible;
Half the world is at his command
And half the joys, and equal pains.

I find his pride entirely misplaced
He is entirely helpless;
He cant choose his parents;
Nor decide when and how he will go.

Everything is shrouded in mystery.
Like his own face, and his own back;
Let alone his mind:
And who knows what it carries?

The visible image of man is a deception.
He that looks a whole is
Hardly more than half of his reality;
Which is far less than what he thinks of himself.

Dr Jernail S Aanand
All rights reserved @2018.

One thought on “FLYING AT HALF MAST / Poem by Dr. Jernail S Aanand

  1. A poetic journey to the mystic nature of the rational creature. He can unfurl the mystery of the universe, but fails to see his own fate, face and his back. Nor can he choose his parents.

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