Poems by Jenayah Hela

Poems by Jenayah Hela
When The Thunder Speaks…
Half darkened sky
Covered with black, stormy clouds
I barely see the rain but hear
The thunder that speaks…
In a loud voice understood by me
This frosty silence envelops my being
The shouting and the crying in agony
Sweet and dry is the sky with no rain
The screaming of the thunder comes in vain
Here one can neither stand nor lie nor sit
There is not even silence to ease the heartbeat
But dry and sterile thunder without rain
It speaks to my heart with stillness insane
And sound of storm and lightning singing
Over the remote clouds thuderstorm is howling
But who is that on the other side of me
Is it my Ego or Higher Self singing its lullaby
What is the shouting sound high in the air
Murmur of a speaking thunder light and fair
In a flash of lightning the damp gust bringing rain
While the black clouds humped in silence
Then the thunder speaks to my shaking heart
The awful roaring of a moment’s surrender
The sea of my thoughts was warm and tender
The rain now falling down on those fragments of my thoughts
I standing still ,silent , in awe, and in wonder.
Power Of Love
Waves between us are strong
Carrying our slow steps through the throng
Our love will always rise above the tides
When intensity of emotion reaches greater heights.
High waves could never prevent this flow
The sea has gone and its out of its glow
No rough current could ever drag us deep down
For our sweet love will forever be grown.
What unites us is above skin deep
Don’t trust the outer reflection for it’s cheap
It is the inner feeling so breathtakingly gentle lifts you above
This natural passion comes from the power of love.
Jenayah Hela
( All Rights Reserved)

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