Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo



The night is in partial darkness
Glittering stars offer some brightness
Clouds blanket part of moonlight
The world is still coloured with light

Gazing from a distance
The surrounding in complete silence
My love, where are you?
I am waiting patiently for you

The moon and stars keep me company
Cool breeze kissing me gently
I miss you in this cold lonely night
I desire your arms to hold me tight

Love your warmth and fragrance
I am missing your presence
My love for you is deeper than the ocean
I embrace you in my heart with affection

Loving you every moment of my life
Charming me with your dreamy eyes
My love, my destiny, I have found
My world goes round and round.



When I know you are mine
When you know I am yours
Nothing can come between us
No mountain we cannot climb
No rivers we cannot cross
Nothing can break the bind
Our love cannot toss, it is strong
Brave to weather the storms
Make every minute counts
Before it is gone
You are my romantic poet
I am your charming poetess
Lovely verses you wrote
Engraved in my heart
Poetry of love
We are a pair of dove
We sing our love song
Mirthful singing in high chord
I am your melody
You are the lyrics of my soul
Connecting to chemistry
Let’s soar with our dreams
To reach our destiny
Our love always be
Always new.



The sun rises today
Thank God for another day
Wake up with a smiley face
Every moment is a grace

Sunshine, happy and gay
Make today a glorious day
Better than yesterday
Tomorrow is on the way

Wishing blessings everyday
Anticipate with bright sun rays
Faithfully we pray
For peace and harmony to stay

Never let your hopes fade away
Build your castle someway
Achieve your dreams someday
Celebrate life, let the music play.

Copyright @Lilian Woo

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