Swapna Behera

Swapna Behera

Swapna Behera is a bilingual contemporary poet ,author ,educationist,translator and editor from Odisha ,India. Her stories ,poems and articles are widely published in Newspapers, International journals ,magazines,Anthologies and ezines and translated in different languages.

Besides, as a teacher for over three decades she has received several outstanding recognitions for teaching excellence .

She has presented her paper on The Responsibility of Religions for a humane world in the National Seminar on World Religions for a humane world ; A step towards Inter Religious Dialogue on24-25 .2 .2017 in Patkai Nagaland

Resource person in the Lok Mahotsav and presented a paper on Indigenous Knowledge of the people of Western Odisha in2001

She was the YUVA JAGAT artist of All India Radio Cuttack .

She was the Judge of the interanational INT’L Essay Competition,Nigeria 2017

She is a trained teacher in substance Abuse Prevention Education.

At present she is the Chief Editor of Philosophique Poetica (De-Aanand), admn of several poetic groups and associated with many socio-educative works.

She has penned three books:

1.Batikhunta o Mu (Short story collection In Odia)
2.Beyond the Galaxy( Poem collection in English)
3.Pherile Tumar ( Poem collection in Odia)

Awards Received:

1.World Icon of Peace Award from Nigeria in2017.
2..Distinguished Service award by Muse for Peace Foundation 2017 from Nigeria.
3.The Enchanting Muse Award in Pentasy India World Poetree Festival 2017
4. Prestigious International Poesis Award of Honor at the 2nd as a Jury Member at the 2nd Bharat Award for Literature (an International Short Story Competition)2015
5.Received the Certificate of Excellence from Yayati Mohan Gandhi Inter National Poetry Festival 2016
6. Sahityashree Samman by National FaceBook Kabita Sangam 2016 .
7. .A recipient of the Pravtitara Pratibha Samman by Utkal Christian Sahitya Parishad.


When The Glacier Melts

The sporadic glacier
splits and melts
Scarlet lava splashes
In the solitude of life

The passions and passionate dreams
Form the brochure of creation
lines scribble ruminating bliss
Heaven and heart
Mingle in the rose yard
Before the scheduled rooster call
of the dawn
Appeals to the ink burn and blaze
The blood oozes episodes life
and transcripts classy notations

The sporadic glacier melts
To form the beads; the alphabets
In millions of languages
Of myriads of emotions
When the glacier melts – – –


A Poet Is Dying Tonight

A poet is dying tonight;
In a panacea of blood
Enough of transfusion ,transmission
And lots of confusion
He is in love with the widow droplets on the grass
Love is a forbidden Adam’s apple
A poet is a pet or the ballot of the society
His heart is on lease;
He can neither smile or cry
Has to be in the syndrome of hangover

A poet is dying tonight
Tired and sleepless,
wrapping the blankets of the stars
The tattoo of time on his soul
Is he the broken bangle pieces
to celebrate peace?
Or a prism to refract the beam of light?
A stamped flesh hung in the butcher’s shop?
A poet is dying tonight; before comes the twilight
The world is ready for the funeral condolences
Let him die peacefully
For thousands are in the queue
with their verses…..
To be the martyrs ,to be the poets ……….!


The Rag pickers Euphoria

Here sleeps the rag picker
On the footpath of a metro
Tired of picking plastic bottles
Tins of coke ,squeezed Birthday balloons
He dreams of his Birthday and smiles
From where he picked the Y chromosome!

Here sleeps the rag picker
Tired of picking yellow bread and Dum Biryani
from the extravaganza marriage party
Dreams of a plate of hot boiled red rice ;
The fragrance of lentil soup
Dreams of a destination
Where he won’t be a scavenger every day
But can dream about spilled milk
In the open courtyard

Here sleeps the rag-picker
Tired of picking the plastic flags
Of hartals for child rights or of Independence day
That the country celebrates
He dreams of a country
Where he can have a pillow to sleep
And a permanent bed
And weave his dreams peacefully
For dreams are so blissful
in the waves of the salty oceans on cheeks ……


The Symphony of Dawn

Peace ;
the liberty in tranquillity
Thou art not a treaty
but a mellifluous song

Peace dearest ;
The Power of God within
the glow worm in the darkest corner
prevails in the eyes of a new born baby
travels from cradle to grave

Peace ;
powerful as God Himself
As loving as Nature itself
As living as Life itself

Peace ;
the thunder of a woman to kill the lust of eyes
the wonder of a woman that gives birth to civilisations
the tears on the graveyard of martyrs
the mysterious smile of Srikrushna
The voice of Jesus on the cross
“For they know not what they do ”

the seven notes of the music
The five elements of creation
the soil ìn the courtyard of a prostitute
the rhythm of the dance
never the opposite of war
but a war within

love that rejoices
and never envies
the eye of a blind
and the joy of the organ donor

Peace ;
flies from heart to heart
A butterfly on the mast of a submarine
Shining pearl in every season

Peace ;
The cemetery of hatred and fear
The echo of the creator
A virtue ,a confidence
A justice and state of mind
A disposition for benevolence

The loaf of bread for a beggar
The first monsoon for a farmer

The royal procession of love
On the Cosmic Highway
The reflection of
HIS healing ray.

3 thoughts on “Swapna Behera

  1. Beautiful pieces they are, Mam! I go through your poems and they contain imagination and emotions afloating on your creative intensity touching upon human sensibility reflecting your poetic vision and they are very close to heart. They carry recurring currents of emotions and thoughts enriched with profundity of ideas that touch our chords of heart.
    Thank you.

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