Poems by Tanni Bose

Poems by Tanni Bose
On powerlessness
The icy palm perspired in despair
I dabbed it with parched cotton
Thirsty was the soul!
Rummaged for my name in his palm
Countless lines traversed
And I supposed-
Can’t one among these determine my fate?
With hopes; I hang on
Weeks, months and years
Then one day I imitated Napoleon.
Penciled wild lines on both palms,
Our palms bled to free will
But nothing changed.
On being rational
On no occasion did they wait for long?
Intending for the thick snow to melt,
For the outrageous tide to subside.
For the heavy rain to turn sluggish
But they well-ordered the wild self ,
Equipped the blue mind with positivity.
At last-
A party to the passionate sandstorm
to craft a fresh beginning.
©Tanni Bose

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