Vishwabharati Table Calendar, 2018 / Shivputra Kanade & Sunita Paul

Vishwabharati Research Centre Table Calendar, 2018

Your personalized calendar

Exclusively brought for you, a #multi#coloured #laminated TABLE CALENDAR with poems and pictures of the author.
Only twelve poets in one calendar.
One poet per month.
Send us your best poetry on any theme with your best picture. We will put them in a calendar if you are selected.

Poems must be original and unpublished
Your bio information within 100 words in third person narration alongwith your high resolution photo
Selected authors will get the e-copy of published books
No submission fee
Submission Deadline: 01st February 2018.

Do forward your contributions to
We look forward to your participation.

Warm Regards,
Shivputra Kanade
Sunita Paul

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