Poems by Asha Kiran Sharma

Poems by Asha Kiran Sharma


A bitter truth

No one
Wants to show

Their burnt marks,
Grief and pain .

Who is happy ?…
Here can’t say.

Life is very tough
Our smile is fake.

Or smiling on
Other wounds.

Not looking
Inside their own.

Maximum lies daily
Have been told here.

Who knows

Let’s smile till we can.


I wanna do all

I really want to do
To spend my life
With those
Who don’t have
Any company like
With old people
In old age home
With orphans
In orphan’s home
Sitting on rocks
To watch
The beauty of stones
Walking on
Zig-zag ways
Singing with birds ,
Flying with butterflies ,
Dancing in the
Street lights
Road tripping with kids,
Lying beneath
The blanket of stars
I Wish to live
Like a traveller
And end my life
Like a warrior.



I am a butterfly,
I am a butterfly.
I am a beauty
QUEEN of the sky.
Mine is a short life ,
Lives only for few days.
I know I am on earth
For some time.
Still I am flying
A joyful life.
Sucking and kissing
Flowers all the time.
I am like a tiny toy in the
Hands of every smiling child.
Winning the hearts of
So many all the time.
Every one feel my happy songs.
Every one like
My colourful flying wings.
No one feel my crises at all.
I know each moment of life
Is precious for me.
I don’t care about it,
am not worried about life.
I used to fly up and high.
Enjoying my life since
I am alive………since I am alive.

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