Poems by Hassen Gara

Poems by Hassen Gara



I thought love was just a fantasy of the mind
An illusion, impossible to find
The day I met you by chance
Embarked on such a charming romance
When your eyes met mine
They sent shivers down my spine
Your amorous look
Your enthralling smile
Made me feel, your love was worthwhile
My heart has never been given away
In your hands, it is today
Never have I fallen before
You are the woman I adore
I believe God selected you from the rest
He knows I would love you the best
The joy you brought in my life that day
Would never fade away
Know I hold you dearly in my heart
As I had from the start
To no one but you
I pledge my love to forever be true



Every night when I lie in my bed
I can’t get your song out of my head
A melody that sounds so sweet
Your words touched my soul,
Made me feel complete
I can’t contain the joy you bring
Your song I always crave to sing
I sing it with all my might
Your words are treasure
Delight beyond measure
You are the voice inside my heart
Good impressions you left on me from the start
Listening to your song makes me feel alive
Geared up to struggle and strive
The song of your love I admire
At all times, it sets my heart on fire
Keep singing it all day long
Enrapture my heart with your song

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