Poems by Ibrahim Honjo

Poems by Ibrahim Honjo



Finally I comprehended the lesson
All these years were killing me
The years brutally crushed

The soul will fall apart
And the heart will crack like thirsty ground

If this is the gift of heaven
I will search for some other skies.



Will we become wiser one day
and find ourselves in memories
of the future that we dreamed of

If we become wiser one day
we will look for ourselves
in dim pictures of childhood
that left a weak flash
on unfulfilled wishes
and they have nothing in common with the future

only then we will understand
how much we are lost and alone
in our own reality
in which even she does not look like herself

we will remember all our loves
and we will not know whether they remember us
will they carefully preserve memories
of our youthful springs
in which we discovered the secrets of life

do you know
how many unwritten books about your life
remained buried in the past
how many pages turned yellow with unwritten memories
how many undiscovered secrets
much love desecrated and unsaid
remained in your turbulent past

if it all could be revived and revealed
what wisdom we would still need
to bow to those we loved
and those we love
how much wisdom we would need
to win ourselves
and to take it all, including winning
as the most valuable asset
to the eternal resting place
one day that will come silently
in its light
take away our memories turned yellow

and our yellow dreams
about which we never knew much
we will not even think about the perfection of wisdom
which we could have but never figured out
because we did not have time
either for ourselves or for others
we had no time for wisdom
we raced with ourselves
not knowing anything about the futility
without knowing anything about the cruelty
with which we were destroying ourselves

all that was passed in ignorance
we did not become smart
did not learn the alphabet of wisdom
did not learn the alphabet of time
and there is less and less time
there will be less and less time
and our ignorance will increasingly consolidate
and we will leave in ignorance
never learning how little we knew
about knowledge.


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