Poems by Radhey Shyam Varshney

Poems by Radhey Shyam Varshney


#6. FOR GLOBAL PEACE (part six)
A Poet’s Call To United

As appealed in my earlier writes
“Confederation Of Nations For International Peace”
On the lines of UNESCO and UNICEF
as they do not serve the purpose
For restoration of International Peace

Remind Heads of Nations in that…
Those who say an utopia is Peace
They are ignorant about “Reality” of peace
All of us who are sitting here
Instead of standing in war field
We are sitting here because of Peace

Those who say Peace is a myth
Remind them historicity of Peace
Peace has ultimately restored itself so far
To day survived we, each one of us, are
Because of Peace

Some cynic maniac deluded mind
Blindfold… power Greed purblind
Enslaved to Devilish desire of dominance
Invade, attack to capture a region of prominence

All such deluded have been done to death
By their own deluded deeds
All who were engaged in war violence
Met Devilish end for their war-deeds

The Almighty ultimately intervenes…
To restore ultimate “Reality” of Peace
To restore Peace, Harmony, Fraternity
For welfare, wellbeing of humanity

Despite all Devilish war deeds done in insaniy
Almighty restores Peace in Divinity

Why don’t we become Divine ?
To restore Peace
Let us join our combined efforts
For Global Peace

Together only we can save….
Nature and humans through Global Peace
Together we can promote on Earth,
among Nations, International Peace.

(C)@ Radhey Shyam Varshney
18.1.2018 (Revised)



Majority of our time
Plenty of our energy
We exhaust
In agony and worrying
About yesterdays…
Deeds of past
And adverse fruits thereof
Received and already passed.

Why anxiety and anguish thereof?

But we do…..
all the time complain
Continue criticising
With anguish and wrath
Frequent fighting
In family, community, media

Crushing from heart
Love, compassion and serenity

Crushing from mind
Peace, happiness nd harmony

Resolve in the New Year
not to do that
Resolve to forgive and
Burying past now already
To sustain Love, To live
in Harmony
Resolve to make efforts

(C) @Radhey Shyam Varshney

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