Poems by : Roqiya Ghazal / Translated by: Muhammad Azram

Poems by : Roqiya Ghazal
O Dweller of my heart
Have you ever thought?
Dreams which fail to grasp their destination
Then — where those dreams go?
Those which reside in our eyes
Why they shatter away?
O my beloved — listen
I too have revered dreams of love
With my soaked eyes
For myself
Feted many calls of companionship
The tingle of my dreams
Makes me cry every moment
When you knock on my mind
How it impinges me
How it makes me exacerbate
How I tell you
I cannot live without you
My heart just want to spend my life with you
At you feet —- how should I tell you?
But this is indeed a painful reality
That you’re not my Destiny
All my dreams are untrue
Shattered in my eyes
But I do have grievance against you
Bizarre are all your blessings
You never uttered a word,
Or any gesture of affirmation
And your silence unfolded on me
That where my dreams have landed
No — No — it is not like that
They do not die
They kill us — they rather kill us
Send me a dream
How I’ll spend this night
Night of pains and desolations
Your memories really hurt
Your talks make me cry
O — my demolisher and my Healer
Send me some instrument
That makes me forget
All memories and recollections
And eliminate all accomplishments
Send me my dreams.
Translated by: Muhammad Azram

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