Tango of the Narcissus!! / Poem by Monika Ajay Kaul

Poem by Monika Ajay Kaul


Tango of the Narcissus!!

Whirling came the wind
and took each floret into its stride.
From there, started the picturesque
“ Narcissi Tango ”.

Breeze impressed the flowers,
for an ecstatic dance.
And, like the perfect-partners,
together they twirled.

Hues added the gusto,
moving madly to and fro.
They were living only a moment,
as if time would die tomorrow.

As the breeze came and left,
the scene changed magically
from still and quiet to
stirred and aeolian.

Along with the rhythm
emanated evident ecstasy.
In the aura of the dance;
to the desires, proud florets succumbed.

The trice of the swirling Waltz
showered alluring aroma.
A rapturous redolence
that enliven the moment.

Then came the invisible sleight of hand,
all the more Paradisiacal.
All over, it glossed love
into the hiatus to arrive.

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