“up to the last breath” / By Ade Caparas

“up to the last breath”

“our soul never dies, before it leaves our body, our soul has repented and had asked forgiveness… finally had reconciled with God.” ade c.

death is a foot away
willing ready waiting
for our consent.

many times this brink of death comes
but we resist
sure, death is our destiny

when? _no one knows
but will come a time
brink of death shall force a yes or no

soul won’t depart completely
until we come face to face with God
in that brink of a second

when, we see who we really are
one who says, “yes”
goes in peace… reconciled with God

this is how we are loved by God
up to the last breath
we have a choice!


ade caparas manilah
friday 11:03pm 19 january 2018
sydney nsw australia

NOTE: those who read this will remember i wrote this when that brink moment comes, and you will utter, “ade caparas manilah said it right” lol.lol.lol.

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