“a tiny DOT” – Ade Caparas

“a tiny DOT”


‘Wars, factions, and fighting,’ said Socrates as he looked forward from his last hour, ‘have no other origin than this same body and its lusts … We must set the soul free from it; we must behold things as they are. And having thus got rid of the foolishness of the body, we shall be pure and hold converse with the pure, and shall in our own selves have complete knowledge of the Incorruptible which is, I take it, no other than the very truth. (Socrates)

‘ my true me… my reality  keeps evolving… it is upon my death that people will know my true me… my reality!’_adecaparas orosa manilah


a tiny dot

i fought i won…

i am!

how i reach

those brilliance

is my reality!


i am born

with a purpose

i search i act

i succeed

i fail

is my reality!


a mango fruit

if sweet is eaten  enjoyed

if sour bitter

thrown to

garbage bin

a reality!


philosophical dictionary by: ade caparas manilah

friday 1:33pm  07 november 2014 sydney australia



Existentialism Is a Humanism: ‘Il n’y a de réalité  que dans l’action. (There is no reality except in action.)’ it is how i have enhanced myself all through the years.. will be my reality as i end my life journey!’_ ade caparas orosa manilah



in darkness,

light peeps

leads my way

i react

with lights

c’est moi! (that’s me)


reactions differ


actions change

what who how

i am at he end

is my reality

journey’s end!

philosophical dictionary by: ade caparas manilah

friday 11:53am  07 november 2014 sydney australia


“a space of repugnance“

Cold sunday morning; i woke up so late and my bed being surrounded by mirrors all over, sides and ceiling… i felt nauseated, to see  my waking portrait! _a sense of repugnance engulfs me, this  insignificant moment of nothing. _ahhhhhhhhh! I abhor this grandeur setting, feeding my narcissistic whims: a glutton on my own bareness of ugliness.

All of a sudden, i am pricked within longings… the duet-songs of the Mayas, the alternate croaks of wild giant frogs, the humming wind carrying the playful sways of bamboo trees, yessssss, my mountain house that overlooks the grand Laguna Lake.

Laughter wealth power fame… i get so drunk… the dizzying   merry-go-round, suddenly the northern winds changed course; total black clouds loom; my laughter transform to tears;  and i limp to face the frightening darkness!’


i can’t see no more

fears and tears

have taken over

every single step

i make is a stumble!

can’t do nothing

my breath seems lost


slowly a tiny dot

of light expanded

discover your beauty!

my teary blurry eyes

sense back the gentle breeze

herbs and flowers hummingbirds

the taste of joy… i found your lips!


my lov

how in the world

did i lose my mind

busied moi with useless noises

bundles of loud colours

cheap perfumes

oh… abhorring abyss, i surface!


philosophical dictionary by: ade caparas manilah

sunday 4:54pm 18 june 2017

sydney nsw australia


ade caparas manilah…

Designer/Artist Poet/Writer/Philosopher

WUP-New South Wales Australia President

Philosophique Poética De-Aanand Co-Founder

a.k.a. Maelan Koia Sydney, SamAda, Adecaparas Orosa, ade c., Gandah Manilah, a Philippine born but an Australian citizen since 1991.

Lajmi dhe pas lajmi: Malëshova afër një drite jeshile. / Nga: Kastriot Malo

Lajmi dhe pas lajmi:
Malëshova afër një drite jeshile.

Qeveria ka perfishe ne zonen e investimeve midis shume vendeve dhe “luginen e endrrave” Peshtan, Maleshove deri ne Lunxheri. Duke pasur parasysh se kam shkruar edhe me pare, nuk dua te perseris te thenat, por dua te theksoj se dhe pse ky vendim eshte ende ne leter, dhe me “do te” keto zona duan apo nuk duan pushtetaret do te kthehen ne parqe turistash.
Perse do te shkojne vizitore apo banues sezonale ne ate zone?

Per relievin dhe natyren tejet te pasur, jane vende ku syri i cdo personi qe shkon e sodit dhe nuk velet. Per ujerat e ftohta deri ne ato terminale, te pasura me kripera minerale qe i bashkohen lumit te Zagories, i cili eshte sinfonia e kesaj treve. Per shumellojshmerine e pyjeve te larte, te shoqeruar nga peme te rralla si bredhi, panja dhe frasheri. Per nje bimesi shumengjyreshe, pjesa me e madhe e te cilave perdoret si bime medicinale per sherimin e disa diagnozave si sherebeli, rozmarina dhe bliri. Per prodhimet blegtorale te nje shije te vecante dhe vitaminoze, si mishi, qumeshti dhe nenproduktet e tia. Per nje shumellojshmeri kafshesh te egra, te cilat kane nevoje per ndihmen dhe doren e njeriut, derri i eger dhe kaprolli. Per nje sere objektesh kulti apo te rendesise te vecante qe i kane rezistuar kohes dhe shkaterrimit. Si dhe per klimen e paster dhe te fresket gjate muajve te veres. Ndertimi i ures se Mbrezhanit per te mundesuar kalimin e makinave, do te kete ndikimin e vet ne popullimin e kesaj treve. Ja perse ky program zhvillimi nuk do te shkoje dem, por frutet e tij do te korren shume shpejt. Une jam i bindur qe erera te mira po fryjne, mbas nje periudhe 70 vjecare premtimesh boshe. Jam i bindur gjithashtu qe do te jene te huajt qe do te “peshkojne” keto vende duke i marre ne koncesion po te kemi parasysh zhvillimin ne rritje te turizmit malor.
Si do te medoje ti?


Nga: Kastriot Malo