Symphony of Serenity ( A Collection of poems) by Dr. Manthena Damodara Chary / FOREWORD BY MR. VINCENT STEAD


In ‘Symphony of Serenity’ Dr Manthena Damodara Chary, promotes a poetic positivism that highlights the shortcomings of humankind, while providing a literary template of how to overcome these issues physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

His scintillating syntax and sentence structure creates poetic panoramas of breathtaking beauty, that demonstrate the dexterity and devotion of a ‘master word smith’. This book is a shining light of alphabetic acumen and agility, exemplified by the alliteration of ‘Exquisite Existence’ with its enlightened elocution. The consistent rhyming rendition employed in the poems, makes each piece enjoyably readable alone or as a collective narrative.

Imaginative writing is praised in ‘Enormous Elation’, with the analogies of art (‘Portrait Of Love’) and sculpture (’The Craft Of Creativity’) used to show how creativity across mediums is the expression of positivity. Optimism is an underlying theme of ‘Symphony of Serenity’ with ‘Buoyant Bloom’’, ‘Rhyme And Rhythm’, Rewarding Rapture’ and ‘Seeds Of Optimism’ being outstanding examples of the promotion of an optimistic outlook on life. It is in the context of this optimism that love is seen as a way to improve life (‘Rapturous Ride’, ‘Tremendous Touch’, ‘Script In Splendid Sustenance’) and in conjunction with peace (‘Rise To The Occasion’, ‘Momentous Moments’), make the world a better place. This is both on a personal level (‘Rapturous Romance’, ‘Love Is In The Air’, ‘Romancing Souls’) and a spiritual dimension involving God (‘’The Pursuit Of Perseverance’, ‘Grace Me With Embrace’).

There is a postulation put forward in ‘Symphony of Serenity’, that poetry has a power to change the world, (‘We Are Beyond Barriers’). Such problems as hunger (‘Poetry For Posterity’), the treatment of people (‘Rise To The Occasion’) and equality of people (‘Incredible India’), are able to be addressed through poetry. The aim of a poet is to through their words change the world (‘Transformation’). However that comes with a caveat that the poet themselves are temporary entities (’Music Keeps Souls Soaring’, ’My Stupendous Spirit.’), the power of change is in their subject matter, not them.
It is vital therefore that the poet promote positive personality traits, paradigms and plans for living, while striving to live without negative traits like ego and anger (‘Dussehra (Triumph Over Ten Vices)’) and live life well (‘Avowed Aspirations’). Life is a journey of personal development (‘O Splendorous Stride’, ‘Victory Of Virtue Over Vice’) where one attempts to overcome the inherent hypocrisy of humanity (End Your Hypocrisy’); life should be a story well written ( ‘A Scintillating Story’). This development can be assisted by the positive influence of others, which is credited in tributary poems (‘Jyoti Enflamed The Spark In Dhani’, ‘Motherly Mirth Is Marvellous’ and ‘Invincible Guru’) which highlight the importance of mothers, teachers and respected mentors in shaping people positively.
Positive personal characteristics and lifestyle are not things just appearing, but must be strived for earnestly (’Splendour Of Sustenance’, ‘An Endeavour’), the benefit of such effort being personally rewarding. {‘Resplendent Rapture’, ‘A Lofty Leap’}. Positive attributes such as honesty (I Love Thy Cold Kiss’. ‘My Odyssey’, ‘The Resplendent’), humility (‘Rare Devotion’), courage (‘An Era Of Peace’), charm (‘Genuine Grandeur’) and wisdom (‘Endearing Endeavour’) are rewarding in themselves, but can also be used to inspire others (‘Rise To The Occasion’, ‘Sight Your Insight’). A personal perspective of this life journey can be seen in the progression from boyhood (‘Bliss Of Boyhood’) to the insight of an aged self in ‘Twilight’. ‘Life And Death’ reinforces the imperative to live properly and enjoy life’s rewards now; as death is too late.

Manthena Damodara Chary

‘Symphony of Serenity’ highlights the connection between humans and Nature in ‘An Epitome Of Elegance’ and ‘Nature’s Charm’, how we are both beneficiaries and custodians of the natural world around us. ‘Beauty Is Bliss’ illustrates the aesthetic pleasure of the world, while ‘A Notion Can Be An Ocean’ delineates the responsibility inherent in the enjoyment of Nature’s wonders.
In ‘Symphony of Serenity’ Dr Manthena Damadora Chary demonstrates an excellence of insightful intelligence, that sees the words rise off the page to enter and stimulate the mind to a higher order of thinking. It is a work of not only literary merit, but also of intellectual and social parameters, that poetically points to the positive society possible through personal development of people’s good characteristics. Its espousing of optimism, love, peace, humility, honesty, charm, wisdom and courage are lessons for the individual to lead a better life. When combined with the worship of God and respect of Nature, these lessons are templates for improvement of society and the world as a whole.
‘Symphony of Serenity’ demonstrates that poetry does indeed have the power to change the world.

An Australian Poet

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