Irannii Saikia

Irannii Saikia
Poet Miss Irannii Saikia,
Teacher is her profession and poetry is her passion. Living with simple life above ground as a poet, through poetry she like to bring about a change existing circumstances of truth and peace.
She is very emotional poet and her pen bows down in any papers…. about nature, love and loneliness of elders or youngers, mysterious earth and about humanitarians indeed.
Her poems were published in ” Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016 ~ International Multilingual Poetry Anthologily “and ” Women Wit & Wisdom -International Multilingual Poetry Anthology of Women Poets 2017 ” and in various magazines and recently her two poems were published in world popular magazine ~ Galaktika Poetike ” ATUNIS ”
She have written maximum poems in Assamese and English language and few poems in Hindi language too.
A View Of Life, Love And Poetry
Hold on my life
On this global glob,
I have carried my countable bones with a body
Through thousand and
thousand dairy.
Without flesh and grace
More then stress,
Between bright or flush
I have tried to read it
those novels and stories.
I have travelled and needed to feel
Life of all mysteries.
Ran and ran
And by sheeps and goats,
As like a weather all became
cool and hot.
Elevated that side of grade to spread
That I have kept
in my heart into the gaps.
It is an open secret
The poetry had not appointed.
To save all situations
Through journal and tele.
Match with each others heart
Human beings prepared
a marvellous rainbow with chat
by machinery colours.
Net calculation only shows
That pride, as we made us
between Nexus and Love.
Through mysterious infinity
Love desire ‘ O ‘ my poetry
Embraced me.
The fact of life that
blows as a truth,
Through comedy and tragedy.
Whom, you needed to hide
those reviews
For desire only
we have used.
By roll of camera,
mobile and web
May be purchase
millions and billions happiness,
pleasures and sorrows.
But never catch you that
heart and mind without soul.
Even then the early bird
gets the worm.
As a soldier I have done
to knock out all evils.
And as philosopher or scholar
you indeed
to defeat all devils.
Ah, a labouring heart
retrace me.
To give away everything
Oh, thee !
At the end of last breath
from the future to past.
Again part by part
through poetry, life and Love.

One thought on “Irannii Saikia

  1. My sincere thanks and egards to all of you….
    Honourable authors, bilingual poets, poetess and great philosophers or scholars for your appreciation and for precious views.

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