Rokiah Hashim from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia writes using the name of SitiRuqaiyahHashim and started writing in 1983. By 1987 her poems and short stories were published by mainstream literature magazines and national newspaper. Due to many stints overseas – Sydney Australia 1983-1985 and Stirling Scotland 1989-1990 amongst others writing was an on and off basis vocation. Besides poems and short stories, she was also prolific in film and theatre critics and wrote in Bahasa Malaysia (National language of Malaysia) in a major national daily in Kuala Lumpur. Since 2007 she wrote in her column ‘Variasi’ or Variations in English and published a book titled Kritikan Filem Siti Ruqaiyah Hashim (Film Critics of Siti Ruqaiyah Hashim).
Poems is also an integral part of her writings and most of them were published online in her blog: Her secondfacebook: IkaHashimi contains her poems in Bahasa Malaysia. The English translated version were done by her. An anthology of her poems titled ‘Katharsis’ or Catharsis in English was just published and it’s a bi-lingual collection of poems. The Catharsis-Catarsis – a bilingual poem anthology in English and Spanish published in 2016 was promoted in Argentina in August 2016. Since 2013, she attended World Congress of Poets ((WCP) in Malaysia, 2014 in Peru, 2015 in Taiwan and 2016 in Prague. She will attend the WCP meeting in Mongolia in August 2017.
Rokiah Hashim is a full time writer since 1999. Prior to that she was a lecturer in a Teachers College in Kuala Lumpur. She taught literature, culture and theater. She graduated from Science University of Malaysia in Penang majoring in Theater and Drama in 1977. She attended a Post-Graduate Diploma, in the University of Sydney in 1984. She also holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Translation from The Institute of Translations and Books in Kuala Lumpur in 1999.
They said till now
More than 10,000 had perished
Washed to the shores
Greece, Italy, Libya and others
Also those
Had not been found
Their names not known
Little AylanKurdi from Syria
Amongst them
Yes, almost all of them
Were Muslims
Wait. There are more!
What about these people?
Abd.Kareem, Fatimah and Hanafi
And more Rakhine people
Perished in the Andaman Sea?
They didn’t run
From their anscestor’s land of Arakan
But their homes burnt
Killed and chased from their own land
They are not Myanmar
They are immigrants
Because they are Muslims
They are different
From Buddha our religion
That’s why Rakhine has no right
On the soil of Myanmar
That’s what
Those in power and holding guns said
But wasn’t it
More than 400 years
Arakan was their home?
They had representatives in parliament
Community leaders
Also political parties
How could they say
Rakhinenot Myanmar?
Don’t forget the sufferings of Rakhine
Don’t forget they are being exterminated
Genocide is happening there
Genocide is happening there
In many Muslim lands
Genocide happened in many ways
Many forms
Genocide is happening everywhere!
Genocide is happening everywhere!
August 2016
Thank you
You made it easy for dad
My prayer is answered
Thank you
My dad goes in peace
That is another prayer answered
Thank you
I managed to ask
For his forgiveness
Before going away
That is another prayer of mine
Thank you
With this grief
The roads are right infront
For me to choose from
Al fatihah……..
Puerto Iguazu-Argentina
August 2016.
In Standing Rock
War veterans knelt down
Begged for forgiveness
Because their anscestors
Plundered the Sioux’s land
They became refugees in their own land
This journey
Made us
And big
At the same time
You are small when you killed and plunder
But you are a big person
When you accept your wrongdoings
And begged for forgiveness
Like the Sioux
We are also wronged
Our brothers killed
Our land stolen
Wives and daughters raped in front our eyes
We are chased from our ancestors land
We are Rakhine
Not Bengali
Not Bangladesh
Arakan was our original land
We are Rakhine
We are Rakhine
We are Rakhine.
Kuala Lumpur
December 2016.
Remembering story
When Omar Al Khattab
Prayed outside a church
After conquering Jerusalem
Warm drops
Trickled down uninvited
Said Omar again
I leave all these
To you Christian brothers
To be protected
Looked after as your properties
Including your crosses
That’s what Islam taught
Also in your religion
We still talk in same language
As if as Omar’s words
Were uttered yesterday
My man
Say your words
Like how I feel
I am going to say
Like how you feel
Only then
All miseries
Will be over forever
Kuala Lumpur
February 2017
Where does love come from?
They said at first sight it seeps into the heart
Where does hate come from?
From darkness of soul
It creeps into the minds and the emotions
When hates engulfed the soul
Considerations gone
Compassion thrown away
Humanity buried
And bloody monuments
Stands until now
Remembered and narrated
But happened again
And again!
Sabra, Shatila
Austwitch, Dachau
Siem Reap, My Lai
Bosnia, Herzegovina and Kosovo
And now in Rakhine
Hatred is crime
Hatred destroys
Throw it away
Lets cultivate permanent peace
Lets nurture love forever
Lets spread love to the whole world
To the whole world!
Kuala Lumpur
January 2017

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