Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat

Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat


Tears Fall From My Eyes

(Open to all comments and critiques)

NOTE; this poem is to my grandma who passed away two days ago.
Thank you A-A

As tears roll down my cheeks
The moon hides behind my grief
No more fairy tales I will hear
My grandma passed far away

In the midst of most depressing
Winter and here I am weeping
Next to a table by the window
Smoking my sorrows inside out

My heart is painfully aching and
Burning like a candle in the dark
When I slaughtered death and
My grandma innocently died

I can’t even believe that she’s not
Here, I am sorry grandma I was just
The stranger nephew you sadly have
Yet, your death is a broken memory

I wish if I could speak the language
Of spirits to bring you once in a while
To my mother because I hate hearing
My mother moaning about missing you

Grandma don’t be afraid of the darkness
In your grave, the white doves from my faith
Will enlighten your coffin with my prayers
They won’t sing but they will plant mercies

Now that you are buried under my will
Don’t judge the spirits with dust just find
The man you loved and married in years
He truly missed you I can tell from the rose.


When My Pen Weeps It Weeps For You

Under the sound of sea waves
Next to my beautiful loving friend
I will sleep
Like some flying sheep
with others ’til
the night falls
She will count and stop
I will then be the Last
Number to count
And I will sing
‘Cause I don’t like to see the
Pen weep and the paper lines get
Wet from my tears of everyday life.

Under the shine of crescent moon
We will dream together
Of a sea of emotion.
We will drift in a notion
That there is no stormy weather
That could or would part us.
We will dream each other’s dream
And when the pen weeps from my soul
It will cry of a life that is whole.


Racism is Around

One man with an immigrant skin colour
With a Nazi blood running through the
Nerves and his name is Donald Trump

I believe that there is no difference ‘tween
The colour of death and racism since they
Both are around whenever I feel lonesome

Racism is not a genetic disease that comes
From my grandpa who had once fought in the
Bloody war against the power of intolerance

Somebody I met ‘fore he never smiled or talked
Humble smile and broken vocabulary were the
Fact for why it reminds him I have a good heart

My friend in classroom said because of me
The whole classroom became friendly with each
Others then the teacher made a decision to fail me

One blind man asked for why my name starts
With an A I told him cause my parents wants to
See my grades with A+ only to destroy the racism

If you say life is short then why every war seems
Longer and racism never ends either way life is
Only short to the living men with a racism crimes

One colourless suicidal wanted to press the button
He cried and started saying that he’ll take back the
Revenge to his sister who died from the racist society

I tried to break the racism and I started bleeding from
The jokes against the racist that comes was my friend
And not from the one who kicked me my family to hell.


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