Poems by Leonard D Great

Poems by Leonard D Great



Looking at that picture from afar,
You will think their is something in that head,
It is an empty skull, Kom! Kom! Empty vessel,
Not even a liquid of coconut water!!

Just take a critical look at that head!
It is an empty skull with no brain,
A living carcass totally empty,
It looks useless like the empty shell of a snail.

I can even see my reflection on that head,
It can serve as my mirror,
Hey! What ever chop off this head did it recklessly,
You can’t believe he lives with an empty skull.



but! That skull is better than Nigerian skull,
Yes! Nigerian skull is an empty skull devoured by maggots,
Our leaders feast on our skull,

That skull is clean and empty,
But Nigerian skull is dirty and smelly,
Our leaders feast with their corrupt mouth and insaturable stomach,

That skull is bright and scraped,
Ours is fleshy and decayed,
Corruption has decomposed our skull,
Soon we will live without a skull,

Our leaders think please! Think!!
If you eat up our head,
How can we speak? how can we hear? how can we see….?

Funny but true that empty skull you see there is better than Nigerian skull…

(Stop corruption)

®*Leonard D Great*

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