Poems by Shivalal Sharma

Poems by Shivalal Sharma
Let me fly
On the wind chimes prevail,
The sound of tranquility
Peach blossoms in affluence,
Paying tribute to the symphony of nature
On the flutes rupture the melodies
In fragrance of the breeze,
that I ought to fly and enjoy.
My wings are clipped
And my euphonies unheard
Caged in this world my hopes shattered.
Hopes lies in my dreams
In the tears of unfelt screams,
Alas! My beautiful dreams never slip on by
The dream catcher hung by the window stills.
In destitute of freedom my heart pounds
Around my caged world in leaps and bounds,
My crescent eyes are mirrors that cry,
As I peep through the rungs of the cage
The sun rising above the horizon
In which I ought to fly.
In hunger and thirst I play the merry go round
In this caged world of mine.
With the twist and turns I’m tired
Ideal I remain with faded dreams retired.
At a leisurely pace beauty betrays me
With wrinkles and falling feathers,
Sadly, I discover they were black.
And those that flew in boundless sky
Were pure white doves blessed with freedom.
My dreams died and refrains dried
In this caged world of mine.
I was humiliated for my color
And I feel no one lament over my tears.
Oh dream catcher,
Please let me fly higher.
A little rain
The shower trickles in blues
Blessed fountain of pearls,
Besotted with fairy earth
Giving her a bubble bath,
Roses fall fast asleep in petrichor.
Paved roads breathe the warm air,
Toads play in the puddles.
In finely woven nest of the birds,
Little hearts enjoy the cuddles.
Pitter-patter continues the rhythm
Bruised heart heals,
On the melodies that rupture.
An oasis of peace
The heaven bestows.
A chance to dance;
In the meadows,
Walk the woods,
And savour the taste of life.
On a gloomy, overcast of summer days,
When my heart remained unfilled, devoid of rays
I take notice of the soothing breeze whisper
Fluster through the window pane,
Was I in despair?
From the land of dreams I awake.
Pursue the soothing breeze that no longer remain
Follow the trail with jasmine and the fragrant rose,
Hear the bees humming and beauties pose
“He has lost his way”, they said.
It was a song of solace for an anguished heart instead.
Hills, mountains, passes and valleys I crossed
The soothing breeze in my heart stayed in accord.
The sun lost its vigour and the rain started pouring
Undistinguished tears flowed unaccounted
Still I ran …ran towards the soothing breeze
Thoughtless rainbows smiled at my ease.
On the eve of the sixth month I met the moon,
Bow down to ask if she felt the boon
“Half a month I shine”,she answered
Half a month my beauty snatched by evil time conspired.
I regret the glowing light in me couldn’t feel the soothing breeze in thee
My faith and pace decelerated
Glowing love evacuated.
Undeterred by obstacles I ran again ceaseless
I reached the moon which was now powerless
Unfortunately, the soothing breeze kept flowing away.
The thoughts to feel the breeze died away
Infinite love touched the road to loss,
Smilingly I faced the rose with a pause
Jasmine and bees were now together
But now the sea of faith was stripped forever.
I was tired and trembled on the heartless ground,
I cried on the lap of the heartless time abound.
I lost my sense and remained motionless
Justice was shadow, I witnessed.
The dawn of the eighth month quivered me again
The aroma of your loving breeze was a lovely pain
All my happiness was no more in vain
I was touched by the fathomless heart yet again.
From the dead dreams I wake up,
Clean the tears and bleed away fear
I ran the world so far
Forgetting what was so near.
Looking around I beam
Feel the aroma of your loving breeze.
Far away from the sight of cruel time
Away from the touch of the cruel skies I cleave.
I found my loving breeze sheltered in my heart
I ask, “Where have you been my dear”?
“I flew with a soft murmur around the depth of your heart,
As a queen I shelter there forever “
She answered.
Still today your soothing breeze gushes down my heart
Whispering and rattling through the window of love
I peak through it and still I feel
The aroma of your loving breeze near my heart instil.

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