She-devil / Poem by Olfa Philo

Poem by Olfa Philo



The first demonic step:

A she-devil once fell in love head over heels for a married man
But this man was deeply in love with his queen then…

She couldn’t compete with her smartness, talents and charm
So asked a sorcerer to cast for her some demonic charms…

She thought that hearts are gained via sex and a Barbie look
So started concocting different types of spells and hooks

She started harassing him sexually to test the water
And plan how to proceed as a damned plotter…

She kept visiting his office to admire him from far
For he was for her an unreachable distant star…

She tried first to catch him behind his wife’s back
But his heart alerted him and told him: “Step back!”

She tried to use his little kid and sent him secret love cards
Her demonic intentions for the child’s mind were too hard !

The wife by accident discovered those cards in her child’s bag
But he told her innocently: “It’s not for you! It’s for my dad !”

She kept sneaking through all passages and doors…

Her sorcerer prepared then a separation spell to put fire in their house
And make them hate and chase each other like the cat and the mouse

The spell created an allergic relation between the husband and wife
And made them feel like to kill each other with a knife!

A shitty aura was emanating from his body to keep his wife away
So each spouse in a separate room preferred to sleep and stay

Bitter quarrels over trivial reasons were the food of everyday
Till the wife escaped from the house and each one went his way…

The second demonic step:

The divorced man was bewildered, frustrated and free:
“He can’t rebuke me when I pretend his room to see…

Let’s knock again on his locked door and wear my mask and glove
Maybe he falls this time and forgets her damned love…”

But his heart was still bleeding then for his wife’s abnormal departure
He had no mind, body or libido for an another love adventure

As the devil never gives up till he reaches his goal
She had to think over another trap to drag him to the hole…

The next attempt was to knock on his door with a friend and a bottle of whisky:

“Maybe tempting him with alcohol and sex with two females
Will boost his libido and emancipate him from her love’s jail…”

Alas, his heart was still beating then and looking for cure and peace
So he kicked out both bitches and threatened to report them to the police…

As the devil never gives up, she asked her sorcerer to increase the magic dose
For a prostitute can no longer keep her legs for too long closed…

She craves an urgent baby from whosoever willy-nilly
“I’m growing older and with no family yet, it’s too shitty!”

The spells started bearing fruit step by step
And the prey lost control with nobody around to help…

She grabbed him then and made him look like a psychosis
And arranged a rapid marriage while he was under hypnosis…

Yet, his ex-wife has always been conscious of her demonic kind
She entrusted a spiritual healer to fix his blurred vision and mind

Their marriage was then cancelled in the very last week
While the she-devil was excited to have almost reached his dick…

Furious and depressed for having her demonic plan thwarted
Her face, body and self-esteem were with rage distorted

She pretended not to grasp his sudden cancellation of marriage
For she had already prepared her white dress and carriage…

As the devil never gives up till he reaches his goal
She increased the magic spells and dig another hole…

She kept coming to his office to spread the charm of love and attraction
Since her sorcerer was determined to be paid for this transaction

The man was abnormally silent ! He couldn’t even tell her to go away
For the sorcerer tied his tongue so as to let her plot again and stay…

His colleague was puzzled by her weird obsession
He spoke on his behalf and told her a confession:

“This man is still in love with his kids and ex-wife!
You’d better find another prey for your bed stuff !

Now, fuck off and never come back to this spot!
There are plenty of free men around if you are too hot!”

She pretended to be shocked and shed her crocodile tears
And left the office with future demonic plans with no fears:

“I must trap him during the long holiday when no one would be around
No ex-wife, no friends, no colleagues to make his mind sound…”

In two weeks, she consumed his body, mind and heart
And arranged again a secret marriage celebrated with farts…

Even the daughter had her tongue with sorcery tied
And attended the childish ceremony and to her mom lied

The prey was finally caught and the she – devil was excited
To have kicked out his wife and on his bed embarked

All colleagues were perplexed and doubted their weird wedding
No guests?! No pictures?! No announcement?! Gossip was spreading…

Are there sound parents who involve their daughter in this social pathology
Without being themselves the very teachers of demonology??

The she-devil must be enjoying now her honeymoon
Built insidiously upon his ex-wife’s doom and gloom

Yet she ignores that the Almighty God has always been watching above
And her demonic spells are helpless before his ex-wife’s haunting love…


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