Poems by Bam Dev Sharma

Poems by Bam Dev Sharma



Brilliant and bright
Gleams the rainbow
Laden with color
Reflecting images
Over luscious land
Hiding under leaves
Where caterpillars stretch bodies
Sucking dew drops.

The serene sky
Is pregnant with clouds
And squirrels hide
In bush
Just to appear
In vigilant sparkle
Over wily grass—
Where hopping and scurrying
Insects make a mess!

There in the field
Dry leaves of papal tree
Rebuff blazen wind
Fly without repose
And fall in roll .

The starlit sky seems transparent
As if emerald waving sea
To emit memories and whisper
With coy mountains
In pensive brood.

Protean and impetuous
Is the soul of universe
Spreading far and wide
As illustrious as embers
As silent as deep breath.

The universal songs
Poised and mysteries.
The foliage imparts jocund scene
Where butterflies muse
In whisper
In eternal confluence
Beyond human words !



Poems are like a cluster
Of gnats
Soaring up
With inkling gleam
In the myriad of the sky
Till the torrent of the wind.

They create tantrum
To mesmerizing heart and mind
Sighing for rescue
From the crouched cell
Or celestial concentration camp
Basking the light
Of human pains and agonies
In mystical metaphors
Or playful cadence of love.

A few of them crumple
In jaunty words
Jotted on the white sheet
Lying numb
As if they were
Murdered mercenaries
In terrifying lands!

But they speak
Words piercing through
The earth and the sky
In profundity perplexity
To awaken swollen hearts.

Poems strive to exist
As Phoenician puzzles
And never wish to die
Until they soar
As vibrant dreams!



Slowly in the dawn
Some feathers fly away
Perhaps to an alien land
Or in the whirlpool of space
Trifling with masquerading sky.

Hovering up and down
They look as bright as a little bird
Feathered in white or yellow
Waltzing over grassy clearing
Rebuffing with blitzing wind.

I surmise in the next dawn
Trifling sparrows would nibble them
Or briskly robins would peck
Nobody knows for sure
What would be meted fate for them !

May be foxhounds or cats
Would scratch them to dust
Tearing them to pieces
As if they were speck of soil.

But I like to see them
Somewhere in carefree glide
As libertine dreams
Hovering around and soaring
Beyond sight and mind!


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