Poems by Pramila Khadun

Poems by Pramila Khadun
O moon, come with me
Deafened and dumped by the world,
Mind brimming with memories of the past,
The love stories immortalized and eulogised
With pen and pencil on paper,
Misty-eyed,keeping wine and wife aside,
I came face to face with the ocean’s sprays,
Wild sometimes and yet,
Mild most of the time.
I looked at the waxing and waning of the moon
While the seeds of a timeless past
Were joyously sprouting
After the first rains of Summer.
What a mesmerizing image—
The raw beauty of the moon
Floating on the waves, voluptuous, luscious,
Visible and tangible,
Enthralling me by its hypnotic glow.
O moon, come with me,
Come with me for a walk…….
My call created a whirlpool
Of emotions in the sea
While the moon, with the wistful curves of her soul
Created an exuberant ecstasy deep within me
I bathed in moonbeams.
Can this emotion be contained?
I touched the moon,Drew her close to my heart
And kissed her
Making a few tattoos on her neck.
I saw her melting like honey,
From physical to metaphysical,
From real to surreal,
Submerging me with content ineffable.
The wind teased her
And the twinkling stars winked at me,
While a spicy buzz hovered around us,
A melange sometimes
An interplay at other times,
Of rouge, turquoise et violette,
Creating hues of emotions,
A plethora of desires
With the merging of man and moon.
The power of thoughts
It is incredibly bizarre
How our thoughts have a pivotal influence
In our lives and the lives of others.
We think and our thoughts meterialize,
Sometimes good and at other times bad.
Some men and women have such classy thoughts,
All positive, pushing ahead, dissipating the storms.
Some who think that life is a haphazard journey
Do so much harm to society
With the power of their negative thoughts,
Sowing seeds of discord and dis-empowerment.
Just a single thought in our mind
Can put up a palace of a rare design
And another thought makes the dream crumble
Like castleson sands soft,
Facing the sands of time.
A grounded understanding and awareness,
Emotional sensitivities of unity,
Empathy, forgiveness and understanding
Are all children born out of thoughts.
Group thinking, prayers, meditation,
Group work, discussions, projects,
All work out miracles,
Praiseworthy and commendable execution!
Think of the evil thoughts of hatred,
Self-aggrandisement at the cost of others,
Fake rules and false figureheads,
Feelings of abhorrence absolute,
All these germinate from our thoughts,
Creating wars and disasters,
Making humanity stand on shaky grounds.
Sincerely and objectively,
Let us take care of our thoughts
For they are powerful indeed.
Either we survive or we perish
Simply with the power
Of our thoughts.
The mystic mariner
In the days of my youth when
I had started asking myself questions
About the riddles of existence,
I met a mariner, ancient in his ways
And mystic in his understanding about life.
He invited me to accompany him
On a long journey and he would
Give answers to all my questions.
Like a kid, I jumped in the air,
Willing to touch the stars and kiss the clouds.
The first day, we talked about poetry.
He said that positive mental energy
Is found in the verses of great poets
Just like the energy found in the music
Of Bach or Mozart.
The following weekend, we discussed about religion.
He said that religion and philosophies
Teach that man can become the Christ,
Buddha, Shiva and Zoroaster.
While the dolphins were swimming gracefully
Among the great waves of the sea,
I asked the mystic mariner,
‘What is man’s greatest power?’
He remained quiet for a long time,
Looked at the sky and replied,
Then, he spoke about the training of the mind…….
‘Man must train his mind to pick up
What is good, what is right.
The power of visualization must be used
As an exceptional talent and gift.
It must be nurtured and jealously guarded.
One Sunday, we were having breakfast
That comprised of fish curry, salads and boiled rice.
I quietly asked him about diseases,
Affecting man across the planet.
He became pensive, as if lost in his thoughts.
Then, he looked at me in the eyes and said,
‘Diseases are often the purification of
Mind and body from the toxins
That have been accumulated.
It is necessary a man suffers from time to time.
After a few weeks spent in the company
Of waves that dance in an interplay of colors vibrant
And the rays of the sun teasing my half-naked body,
I was in a happy mood and laughed
For reasons unknown to me.
The mystic mariner touched my bare shoulders,
Drew me closer and closer to him and whispered,
‘Keep laughing, seriousness reduces life.
Be happy darling, I love you.’
Putting my legs in between his,
I said in a voice hardly audible,
I love you too.’

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