Poezi nga Uzma Parveen

Poezi nga Uzma Parveen
With charming and glowing face,
and insipid heart
the world inside black and dark
just like a burning wood
you were so rude
But the waves of my passion
crashed the stony wall
before your crimson heart
and I knew you
your love is so pure and true
now you are more tender than air
now your heart is bare
the sun is envious of the warmth
of your feelings
the mountains are upset
looking at the height of love
your wandering thoughts
seek shelter in me
you are glad in my glee
your eyes unfold the layers
of affections for me
your lips open with my name
and so they close
summer of my love
revived your cold heart
now the wind or storm can’t put
off the flames.
Please try once more
The dream in your open eyes
to be euphoric hearing the cries
and shouts of felicitations
with tears and overflow of emotions
And you roam place to place
just to find a space
to meet the hope you chase
and the failure you face
Some people pat your back
encourage you to withstand
some leave your hand in troubles
and dishearten you in struggles
You feel like slipping in a sea
sans any coast or beach
your goal seems you out of reach
and your promises breach
Let none spoil your ambition
in your way let none come
burning in the fire of passion
leave a mark of exclamation
As planes run before flight
morn is born from womb of night
a child is born after severe pain
sans strife you can not exult in gain
Do not give in dear
it is your time to cheer
it’s your time to soar
please try once more.
I love you
When I say I love you
you think it’s not true
you take it lightly
you think I am flirty
When I say I care about you
you think it’s not true
you think I am a liar
you think soon I will tire
When I say I can’t be sans you
you think it’s not true
you think I say this to everyone
you brush me off and my passion
O my love! let us not ruin our prime
let the rose bloom, it is not crime
wheels of my love cart will never puncture
I will be with you at any juncture
O my love! don’t be so coy
it is my heart not a toy
know that my heart will follow you anywhere
One day you will confide in me I dare.
@Uzma Parveen

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