Griselda Doka “Solo brevi domande esiliate” fara editore, 2015, (pagg 95, euro 9) / Trebisacce, li 18.nov. 2015 – Gianni Mazzei

Griselda Doka  “Solo brevi domande esiliate” fara editore, 2015, (pagg 95, euro 9) Trebisacce, li 18.nov. 2015 – Gianni Mazzei Il filosofo dice Pascal( riprendendo l’esperienza metodologica di Socrate) pone solo domande. Quali? Le grandi domande che riguardano l’inizio e … Continue reading

The light and the darkness / Diana Skrapari

The light and the darkness


Diana Skrapari

The light of the day comes after the darkness of the night and the darkness of the night comes after the light of the day. The light replaces the darkness and the darkness the light. That happens even inside the human beings. The light shines like the sun and sometimes it is covered by the dark clouds. The rain drops in our cheeks when the darkness takes refuge in our hearts.

The light and the darkness fight with each other. Many people came to destroy the darkness that found a shelter in the hearts of the human beings. The fight went on until somebody who was God’s blessing on Earth embellished our souls with His meaningful words.

The darkness became blind. It decided finally:

“I have to reign alone in the human beings hearts.”

The darkness wanted to win. So it murdered the hope of the light.

The hope of light said before giving His Soul back to the Creator: “Father, forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing!”

After three days, the temple of the light was shining brighter than before. The light became so strong that the darkness could not even find a place to hide itself. Its kingdom was threatened and it wanted to survive.

The darkness chose the bad intentions, the cunning thoughts and the nastiness. Its most powerful weapon was the hate (the hate for each other).

Finally, it could reign in the darkest souls and the people would be divided. The darkness inspired the wars where innocents died. Those people who wanted to live in peace and see brighter days for themselves and their countries, were thrown in jails. So, the darkness became powerful.

How many people were murdered, persecuted in the name of the darkness! But the light rose up. It built its nest in the hearts of those who wanted to live in freedom and prosperity. They all had the holy wisdom inside.

The light knew that it was under the protection of the Greatest Immortal Strength. The Light is Love and the Love is God.

The beginning and the end…

Alpha and Omega…

The light is the heart of our Creator.

Poemas de Jose Nieto

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