Poem by Ashok K. Bhargava

Poem by Ashok K. Bhargava



My heart
a sheet of clean paper
no scribbles, scratches or stains
on it.

You crumpled me
tight fist
over and over.

I survived as a wrinkled paper
but still clean –
no scribbles
scratches or stains.



Fiery hearts
Snowflake kisses
blizzard forecast tonight.



you and me
on a long and winding road
of a hilly city.

Quietly, uttering no words
naïve and carefree
hand in hand we walk
counting electricity poles.

When tired to move
even a single step
you would say
just one more pole.

all alone
I have returned to our past
the road.

The poles look at me
as if asking about
your whereabouts.

Dead tired from walking
I exert to the next pole
You were a fast walker.
you are waiting
for me
at the next pole

Copyright@ Ashok Bhargava

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